The Ultimate Winter Wishlist

Last month I couldn't resist the desire for new and warm sweaters to add to my (small) collection, so I bought a pink chenille hoodie and a fluffy woolen sweater. I also took a pair of jeans, you know, just in case...😜

So, for now, I feel like I'm good, trying not to empty the wallet again.

However, I still have some item I would like to buy for this winter and, taking a look at Zaful, I found two or three really interesting things so I create a wishlist!

It's so romantic and I love frills! I imagine it paired with a pair of tight jeans and high boots.

This sweatshirt has surf the web between Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and I find it so cute! I love faux fur detail on the sleeve (am I obsessed with sleeves?!) and then it's white and pink! My favorite shades!

I love wearing shirts even in the winter, maybe pairing them with soft and warm cardigans. This one is so romantic with all those little stars!

I never worn a beret, but this one made me think about Andy from The Devil wears Prada. Very cool, I want it!

I like embroideries on clothes and accessories and I can imagine this lovely bag paired with faux leather leggings, oversize turtleneck sweater, a woolen coat and black heels, of course!
Find more here
Oh, and I also found out that with the code ZFEN you can have a further discount!

And you? What's in your Winter wishlist?

17 commenti

  1. I love the first one - that cute pink sweater
    Great finds in Zaful.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  2. Beautiful selection:)

  3. Mi piacciono molto le tue scelte, la pochette è bellissima!
    Ti auguro una bella giornata.
    Cari saluti,

  4. Adoro la borsa, il cappello e il maglioncino!! ;)

  5. Great wishlist, I really like the pink jumper!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  6. Great selection, i love that 1st sweater .
    good day.

  7. Awesome wishlist. I love these items!
    Love <3 Wonderful post dear!
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  8. Ahh there's no going wrong with a baker boy cap and I love the chain embellishment on this one! Also, those frilled sleeves on the pink jumper are too cute!

  9. Tutto molto carino, in particolare la borsetta!

  10. Mi sono innamorata della borsa! E del maglione rosa con le ruches! :D

  11. Il maglione rosa con le ruches lo voglio!!! Mamma mia quanto è bello! *_*
    Un'ottima selezione, difficile resistergli.
    Bacione bellezza e buon weekend! :*

  12. Il secondo maglioncino è delizioso e te lo dice una che non ama particolarmente il rosa!

  13. che bella wishlist!sulla mia si trova questo modello di Ugg ,forse il Babbo Natale mi porta un paio....